Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor

Information that should be researched when choosing a swimming pool contractor:

  1. Do they have a state issued builders license?
  2. Do they have liability and workers comp insurance?
  3. Are they a accredited with the Beter Business Bureau (BBB)?
  4. How long have they been in business?
  5. Number of pools they have installed?
  6. Pool sites that you can visit?
  7. Referrals and testimonials?
  8. Do they pull all necessary permits?
  9. Do they furnish a contract?
  10. Is the new pool owner given a pool school?
  11. Do they service the pool after installation?


We have been in business over 30 years and have installed over 2500 pools.

We furnish a referral list of over 700 customers. Many of our existing customers welcome visits by potential customers to view their pools.

We furnish all of our new pool owners with a maintenance and troubleshooting dvd as well as a pool school session.

We are available for service and openings and closings on all pools we have installed.

Give us a call at (616) 531-2255 for any questions that you may have.