About Us

Following is information on our company and procedures. We hope this is helpful in understanding our commitment to service and satisfaction.

1. Our company is over thirty years old and to this date has never subcontracted the installation of a pool. Each pool installation has at all times "on the job" the owner, Dave Scheidel .

2. A two million dollar liability insurance policy insures you against any accident that may occur during construction. This is something a home owner should demand before any work is contracted in or around the home. Liability insurance is not required by law. Many contractors elect to go without, as it is expensive especially for pool construction.

3. The Elite Wall by Fort Wayne is by far the strongest wall in the U.S. No other wall comes close to competing with the structural bracing of this wall. All you have to do is see the wall, it does not take an engineer to see the difference.

4. The manufacturer of Fort Wayne Pools has been in business since the late 1950's. They too have a good chance of being around in twenty years. Scheidel Pools is the exclusive dealer of the Elite Wall in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. This helps to ensure us business year after year.

5. A D.E. Filter with thirty-six to forty-eight square feet of filter area is standard with Package B. This filter is twice the cost of a sand filter. We did not choose this filter to make our price higher, but to make the maintenance on your pool easier.

6. When the pool is back filled we compact our sand every twelve inches. This is probably the most important part of pool construction and the most disregarded by other pool contractors. This procedure prevents the settling and cracking of the cement surrounding the pool.

7. The cement used on our pools is a six-sack mix with wire mesh.

8. A cement vermiculite bottom is standard on all our pools.

9. All the equipment and materials used in Package B are of the highest quality available.

10. Flexible PVC plumbing is also standard on all our pools. This prevents the leaking of underground piping.

11. We always work with the customer on ideas for the pool location and the landscaping. The landscaping needs to be discussed before and during pool construction, not after. This service is free, as we want to make sure your pool and the surrounding area is enhanced to the best of our ability.

12. We pull and pay for all necessary Permits and Inspections. Note: the pulling of permits by the homeowner leaves them liable for any accident or misplacement of the pool during construction. You basically become the general contractor.

13. Our pricing on pools when investigated thoroughly is the most economical in the area. But don't shop on price alone, even the best product when installed poorly can instigate costly repairs down the road. We have enclosed a referral list, which we encourage you to use. These individuals are the best way that we know of to show you how sincere we are as to the quality of our work and service.

14. We are always available for service or questions from a new pool owner. Calls are forwarded to the owner's home after the store closes, making it possible to be of service to them at almost any time.

Thank you again for inquiring into Scheidel Pool & Spa Co. Please feel free to contact us for a no pressure in home appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

David G. Scheidel, President