Salt Generator Instructions


  • Once the salt is delivered, use your pool brush to stir up any non-dissolved traces of salt.
  • Add two 1 pound bags of shock.
  • Wait 24 hours.
  • Reset Generator by flipping timer switch off then back on - a lot of lights will flash for two to three minutes - that's normal.
  • Look at the Salt Level lights on your Generator, if it glows red or yellow, add one 50 pound bag of salt right into your pool (not the skimmer) and let dissolve.
  • Wait 12 - 24 hours, reset Generator and look at Salt level lights - add salt if necessary.
  • When the Salt Level light is Green, set the Sanitizer Output level to 60% by pressing the MORE or LESS button.
  • Wait 24 hours, test the water for Chlorine, the ideal range is 1 - 3 PPM. Adjust as needed by using the MORE or LESS buttons.
  • Adjust Sanitizer Output (chlorine) level one (20%) increment at a time, and allow 24 hours before testing again.
  • Set your timer tabs and resume use as normal.
  • Your specific output setting may be much different from your neighbors, it depends on a lot of variables.
  • The ideal Salt Reading is from 2900 - 3000 PPM.


  • Use stabilizer/conditioner to stabilize Chlorine in your pool.
  • The Generator does not work or light up if the pump is not on.
  • The Generator will not produce Chlorine if the water temperature is below 59 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A lot of lights will flash for several minutes every time the Generator is powered up.
  • All of this information is in the User's Guide that came with your Intellichlor Generator.
  • You can "Shock" your pool by pressing both the MORE & LESS buttons at the same time, a lot of lights will flash.
  • If any Status light does not illuminate, don't be alarmed, it may take 5 - 50 minutes for it to come on.